About Us

Alec White


My name is Alec White and I am a director, writer, and producer based in Houston, Texas. For my entire life, I have been engrossed with the passion to create. In the world of film, anything is possible and I want to create the impossible.


My goal is to make media and film a more achievable medium for the modern person. A lot of people believe that you have to go to Hollywood to make it big. I say we bring Hollywood to us. 

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Lucio Vasquez

Co-Owner/Video Producer

My name is Lucio Vasquez and I am a filmmaker based in Houston, Texas. At a very young age, I became mesmerized by the art of video production. By the age of 11, I began teaching myself how to film and edit video as a form of self-expression.

Many years later, my lifelong passion has now become a fulfilling career. I aim to create high quality commercial and narrative content that pushes the boundaries of storytelling.

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